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Police Hunt Islamic Supremacist in Jewish School Massacre in France

French authorities now believe the killer was motivated by Islamic extremism or racism, Israel Radio reported.

Under Islam, to kill Jews, to oppress Jews, to humiliate Jews is not "extremist"; it is righteous. That is not Islamic extremism; this is Islam.

The killer filmed his murders of the Jewish schoolchildren (above victim Miriam Monstango, 8 years old).

 Yeshiva World: According to French investigators, the shooting occurred at 7:46 local time, when the lone motorcycle terrorist dressed in black stopped and opened fire in every direction. The teacher, Rav Yonatan Sandler HY”D, 30 was the first hit from close range. Sandler was holding the hands of his two boys and Gavriel (3) HY”D fell first, dead together with his father. Then came Aryeh (6) HY”D, who was also hit, falling lifeless to the ground.
 Witnesses explain the gunman stopped shooting for a brief moment, apparently to change clips in his gun. He entered the school and grabbed Miriam Monsonego (8) HY”D as she was running. He grabbed her hair and fired at her body. As she bled out and slumped to the floor, he listed her head and fired two shots at her head from point blank range to make certain his Jewish victim would not survive.

France clears three neo-Nazi suspects in Jewish school shooting Times of Israel

Police now looking into whether killer was Islamic extremist

Police have cleared three neo-Nazi suspects in the killing of three schoolchildren and a rabbi at a Jewish school in Toulouse, France. The suspects were former soldiers who were discharged from duty for neo-Nazi activity in 2008.

All three were interrogated by the police.

French authorities now believe the killer was motivated by Islamic extremism or racism, Israel Radio reported.

It is the third shooting attack in the Toulouse region in just over a week, and the suspect may be linked to all of them. The previous shootings targeted and killed soldiers of North African origin. The soldiers, part of an elite paratrooper regiment, were let go from the military after a photo of them surfaced of them saluting a Nazi flag with a swastika.

Rabbi Jonathan Sandler, 29, his 4-year-old and 5-year-old sons Gabriel and Arieh, and 7-year-old Miriam Monsonego were killed Monday outside the Ozar Hatorah school in the southern French city.

In the attack, a gunman drove a scooter and used a handgun to shoot and kill the victims. Police believe the killer may have taped the killing, and think he may plan to post the video on the Internet.

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