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Texas Imam, Main Al-Qudah, issues call to action to support clitorectomies

"Dr." Main Al-Qudah is the imam at the MAS Katy Center in Texas (MAS is Muslim Brotherhood) and a member of AMJA (Muslim Jurists of America) Fatwa Committee. The fatwa committee of AMJA issued a fatwa claiming clitorectomies are an honor and obligation for American Muslimas.

He has sent out the following mass mailing urging support of female genital mutliation (clitorectomies).

Assalaamu alaikum, Brothers and Sisters.  
I would like to enjoin upon you all a call to action. Dr. Hatem Al-Haj is a respected scholar in the Muslim community. He is also a physician. He is currently being attacked by some people who are skewing his beliefs and opinions regarding female circumcision.

In this time of mass ignorance of and fear regarding the Islamic faith, please take a moment to visit this website to know who Dr. Hatem is, what his accusers are saying, and hear the opinions of the Shaykh in his own words.

Dr. Hatem Al-Haj's Website

If you agree that he has been misrepresented, please sign the petition. In a time when it is too easy to damage a person's reputation and credibility, I urge you to take a stand against this injustice.

Your Brother in Faith,

Dr. Main Al-Qudah
Assistant Professor of Islamic Studies
Imam, MAS Katy Center
Member, AMJA Fatwa Committee

"Dr." Al-Qudah also supports muliple wives. "Polygamy is permissible when justice between wives is guaranteed." Yeah, right. He's a real piece of work, this one.

The AMJA is Muslim Jurists of America. AMJA cautions Muslims against participating in the American Legal System and urges them to “Hate It in Their Hearts” (here).

Translating Jihad has more on the AMJA clitorectomy fatwa (via A. Bostom):

AMJA rulings also support the practice of female genital mutilation (FGM), which the United Nations has called “a dangerous and potentially life-threatening procedure that causes unspeakable pain and suffering.” Fatwa #1639 from Dr. Hatem al-Haj justifies the horrific practice, saying:

[…] Some extremists from the west and their devout followers in the Muslim world like to brand all circumcision as female genital mutilation (FGM). For those, we say, why is male circumcision not MGM? Male circumcision is widely practiced in the west. Yet it would be considered by the Chinese MGM (Male Genital Mutilation).

 The benefits of male circumcision are beginning to be more recognized in the medical societies, even though still contested by a few. Fifty years ago, no one knew that male circumcision has medical benefits. The same could be true with female circumcision. They may figure out the benefits of the practice in fifty or five hundred years. […]

A concordant fatwa issued in Arabic (translation by Al-Mutarjim) on the website of the Secretary-General of AMJA and the chief member of its Resident Fatwa Committee, Dr. Salah Al-Sawy, declares that FGM is “an honor” for women:

But for the woman, the purpose [of circumcision] is the benefit that it has in lessening her lust, which is a wholesome request. There is no harm in removing it. In short, female circumcision is an honor (which) does not rise to the level of a duty, in clear language. Stated another way, it is neither forbidden nor required.

Another Arabic-language fatwa (translation by Al-Mutarjim) from Dr. Al-Sawy leaves open the possibility for offensive jihad against America and the West, as soon as Muslims are strong enough to do so. When asked whether “the Islamic missionary effort in the West…[was] to the point where it could take advantage of offensive jihad,” Al-Sawy ruled:

[…] The Islamic community does not possess the strength to engage in offensive jihad at this time. With our current capabilities, we are aspiring toward defensive jihad, and to improve our position with regards to jurisprudence at this stage. But there is a different discussion for each situation. Allah Almighty knows best.[emphasis added]

I bet he does.

I encourage you to visit the original post and author's website by clicking here:
Atlas Shrugs on 17 May 2012

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