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Two Jew-Hating Terror Apologists, Reza Aslan and Hussein Ibish, To Duke It Out At UCLA About How Best to Destroy Israel

It is unconscionable that the likes of Reza Aslan and Hussein Ibish, sly and slick advocates for Israel's destruction, get a platform and a respectful hearing at universities all over the country, while freedom fighters seldom get invited at all, and when we do, leftist brownshirts do all they can to shout us down and shut us down.

Bin Laden apologist (Hussein Ibish) to debate Ahmadinejad apologist (Reza Aslan) on Israel at UCLA Robert Spencer at Jihad Watch

In light of the jihad doctrine and the stated goals of jihad groups like Hamas, there is no difference between a one-state solution and a two-state solution. A two-state solution only includes an additional step, but in either case the ultimate goal is the same: the destruction of Israel. The only real questions on the table in this debate, however slyly and deceptively aired, will be how best to destroy Israel, whether Sunnis or Shi'ites should take the lead in this destruction, and whether Ibish or Aslan will be able to retail more veiled Nazi-like Jew-hatred.

Corruption of Academia Update from UCLA Happenings:

Tuesday, May 15, 2012
7:00 pm – 9:00 pm, Humanities Building – Room 169

One State vs Two State solution

See below for additional information.


Free and open to the public.

Olive Tree Initiative at UCLA, The
(949) 285-8757
Additional Information

Hussein Ibish and Reza Aslan are the speakers. This event will be a one-state vs two-state debate concerning the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

One thing you can be sure of: Ibish and Aslan, although the positions they will be advocating will be tantamount to calling for the destruction of Israel and a new genocide of the Jews, will be accorded a polite and respectful reception at UCLA. The brownshirts who disrupted our event at Temple University on April 23, when we were standing for the freedom of speech, the freedom of conscience, and equality of rights for all people, will be nowhere in evidence.

Ibish, says Daniel Pipes, "apologizes for many groups the U.S. government deems terrorist, starting with Osama bin Laden. 'I'm skeptical,' was his reaction after a federal grand jury indicted bin Laden for bombing two U.S. embassies in East Africa. Ibish dismisses bin Laden as a blowhard who gives 'blood-curdling interviews,' a guy who 'lives in a cave in Afghanistan' and someone seen by Arabs as 'a crank and a dangerous fanatic.' The list of apologetics goes on. President Bush calls Hamas 'one of the deadliest terrorist organizations in the world today' but our lobbyist friend touts its accomplishments 'running hospitals and schools and orphanages.'"

The clownish boy Aslan, for his part, is an apologist for Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and the Islamic Republic. He has tried to pass off Iran's genocidally-minded Ahmadinejad as a liberal reformer. He has called on the U.S. Government to negotiate with Ahmadinejad himself, who has repeatedly crowed about the imminent demise of the "Zionist regime," as well as with the genocidally antisemitic jihad group Hamas.

Aslan is a Board member of the president of the George Soros-funded National Iranian American Council (NIAC), a powerful Iranian lobbying group in Washington, and a foremost enemy of Israel and purveyor of Palestinian jihadist propaganda. Arash Irandoost of the Pro-Democracy Movement of Iran calls NIAC chief Trita Parsi "an intellectually dishonest regime apologist and an unofficial and unregistered lobbyist for the Iranian regime." According to Irandoost, "Trita Parsi contributes to the regime's agenda and serves the interests of those in power in the Islamic Republic of Iran, not the Iranians, nor the Iranian-Americans."

And the Progressive American-Iranian Committee says that when NIAC received funding for various projects from the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), "NIAC's projects were approved and welcomed by the Iranian regime." NIAC coordinated its work inside Iran with Hamyaran, a "government initiated agency incepted [sic], initiated, founded and managed by the Iranian regime." NIAC even lobbied the U.S. Congress to "stop appropriating funds for independent democratic movements and NGOs that were not under Hamyaran or regime's control."

Aslan has even praised the viciously and murderously Jew-hating jihad terror group Hizballah as "the most dynamic political and social organization in Lebanon," as well as the Jew-hating, women-hating, kuffar-hating Muslim Brotherhood, which is dedicated in its own words to "eliminating and destroying Western civilization from within." Aslan wrote: "The Muslim Brotherhood will have a significant role to play in post-Mubarak Egypt. And that is good thing." Now that the new parliament in Egypt has declared Israel its "number one enemy," we see what Reza Aslan has been applauding, and aiding and abetting with his numerous anti-Israel screeds.

It is a telling indication of how corrupt and politicized academia in the U.S. has become that these two Jew-hating apologists for terror are given a platform at a major American university.

I encourage you to visit the original post and author's website by clicking here:
Atlas Shrugs on 2 May 2012

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